The 82 mm cap - perfect for topping frying oils

Kornelis has developed an 82mm-wide cap, complete with engraving, for Dutch deep-frying oil producer Remia. In the cap, Kornelis has inserted an aluminium- cardboard induction liner to guarantee tamper evidence and reclosability of the product.

Remia, the company behind the innovative wide-mouth format, also wants to encourage Dutch consumers to recycle oil that's been used for deep-frying.  The extra large opening with the wide mouth cap makes it possible to pour used oil back into the container easily, for subsequent transport to recycling stations. 

The packaging concept has been nominated (together with nine other products) for the Dutch “de Gouden Noot” packaging prize.  On October 5th, the winner will be announced and the nominated products will be on display at the largest packing tradeshow in the Benelux, the Macropak Fair in Utrecht, from October 5th to October 8th, 2010.


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