New Sun Pat cap

In addition to the wide range of standard closures we have added a customized cap to our standard range. It is a customized closure for Sun Pat premium peanut butter.

Our R&D team guides the development of customized closures from beginning to end. During this project several criteria had to be monitored closely. The first focus was that the closure can be used with a nutrient that contains natural oils and can be stored at room temperature. Therefor the closure needed to be made of a material that is compatible with food.

Furthermore the cap had to be shaped so it would stand out on the supermarket shelves.

Finally the cap had to dispose of a solid screw system so the jar could easily be opened and closed. Our experienced R&D team has ensured that the freshness and the characteristic aroma of peanut butter after opening are retained as long as possible.

The Sun Pat cap is produced in three colors.

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