The new E-cap: 30% lighter than traditional caps

The E-cap is 30% lighter than traditional caps and is therefore cost-effective to produce.

Even more important is the environmentally friendly aspect of this light weight cap: Less energy to produce, fewer raw materials, less waste and reduced transportation costs. With the E-cap Kornelis will set for a new course in the field of packaging!

The E-cap will soon be available in a full range of standard twist off caps in 63mm, 66mm, 70mm, 77mm and 82 mm diameters. The E-cap is available with printed tamper evident seal. A wide range of standard and translucent colours is available for personalization effects.

Kornelis Caps & Closures, has been producing plastic closures since 1936, they are known for their innovative power. Besides a wide standard range of caps, they are also developing custom made concepts. Thanks to their own R&D department and tool shop, new concepts can rapidly be introduced in the market.

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