'Kopje Cultuur' and other sponsorship activities
'Kopje Cultuur' and other sponsorship activities

Not only for 2013 but for the next three years, Kornelis will be the main sponsor of ‘Kopje Cultuur'. This yearly event is full of cultural activities and takes place in the second weekend of September (13th,14th and 15th September 2013) at various locations in the center of Steenwijk. Visitors can enjoy an extensive program performed by national and international street artists and cultural institutions from Steenwijk.

"We choose an event which is accessible to all residents of Steenwijk. In this way we contribute to the society and do something for local residents", says director Gerben de Boer. For more information on this event please visit the website of Kopje Cultuur, www.kopjecultuur.nl

Other sponsorship activities

Sports is as important as culture for a community. As in previous years, we are again this year sponsor of the ‘Skeeler Climb Steenwijk'. This inline skating event will take place for the 29th time on Wednesday 8th May, and is one of the oldest races in inline skating in our country.

New this year is the sponsorship for the Cycling Spectacle of Steenwijk. This event is organized for the 45th time on Saturday July 27th 2013. This year, besides the professionals also amateurs and youth will compete.

For more information we refer to the website of the Cycling Spectacle, www.wielerspektakelsteenwijk.nl


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