Kornelis specializes in customized closure designs, though we also provide a wide range of standard items for plastic and glass containers. Our crack R&D team ensures that bespoke designs are nurtured from design to delivery. By producing our tools in-house we are able to offer significantly reduced lead times.

The high quality of our products is ensured by a dedicated team of specialists working within ISO standard parameters. Strategically placed in “The heart of Europe” we are able to serve the European market competitively.

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Kornelis Packaging seeks to be an industry leader through the rational development, eco-sensible production, and speedy delivery of excellent caps, closures, and other products for the European packaging market.



Our values are based on a simple and sensible approach - we treat our customers the same way we treat each other in our offices and in our manufacturing facilities, meaning:

  • We conduct our business in a friendly and direct fashion.
  • We respect our employees' personal goals and our clients' professional goals, and we seek to assist both in achieving what they propose.
  • We like to stimulate growth, internally and externally, but not at the cost of our environment or our children's future.
  • We conduct all our business honestly and ethically, and aim to maintain the highest level possible of corporate transparency at all levels.


Career Opportunities

Please click here to download a .pdf document with our latest vacancies. The text is in Dutch, as the positions are at our facilities in Steenwijk.



Sustainable enterprise is an important subject for Kornelis, but what do we mean by this?

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