Ever since Kornelis was established, we've designed and manufactured standard caps and closures as well as bespoke solutions for a variety of high profile clients. Originally a firm that focused on Bakelite components, we've moved ahead with the times and continue to offer the same high quality products we always have, now using modern plastics.

Moving forward, we'll continue to offer our vast range of standard caps and closures, to create interesting and attractive custom items, and to innovate within the packaging industry to ensure clients receive the best solution possible; within budget, on time, and with excellent post-sale support.

As a firm, Kornelis has a long history, and today we're dedicated to growth and renewal in the packaging market. Poke around the site and see what we have to offer!

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  • Kornelis Kopje Cultuur 2017 In the second weekend of September traditionally Kornelis Kopje Cultuur will take place. As the main sponsor of this great event we are proud to have given our name to this event.
  • Range VOSS water Kornelis caps & closures has been the supplier of Voss caps for many years. In addition to the well-known light grey cap the range has been expanded with two new colours.
  • Softline cap is a 'cool' solution for Italian ice An Italian ice supplier for AH, a well-known Dutch retailer, recently launched a new line of luxury ice cream products. The 82mm softline cap was the perfect solution. The smooth finish of the cap makes for an ergonomically-pleasing user experience.

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Kornelis has been creating excellent solutions for over 75 years, so we've had quite a bit of time to perfect our processes and products. Click on the links below to see exactly how far we've come. 






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